Sustainability Certificate Now Available to Undergrads

Due to increased demand for environmental sustainability programs from students and greater need for professionals in that field, the University of Utah is now offering an Integrated Certificate in Sustainability for students in all majors, with the exception of those already majoring in environmental and sustainability studies. Read More

July, 2012 from the U

When the World Burned Less

In the years after Columbus’ voyage, burning of New World forests and fields diminished significantly – a phenomenon some have attributed to decimation of native populations by European diseases. But a new University of Utah-led study suggests global cooling resulted in fewer fires because both preceded Columbus in many regions worldwide. Read More


U Fills Two Posts: Marketing Director and Executive Communications Manager

As the University of Utah works to enhance its reputation globally, the department leading that effort is filling two key vacancies on its roster of communications professionals. Read More

Photo by Nathan Sweet

U Researchers Developing Prosthetic Implant

Thousands of veterans and warfighters returning to the U.S. suffer with limb amputations, and for many, standard prosthetics are not an option. Skin issues or short remaining-limb length can cause amputees to forgo the typical socket-type attachment systems. Read More


New Mine Safety Center at U of Utah

The University of Utah created a new Center for Mining Safety and Health Excellence to help those who depend on the mining industry, university President David Pershing announced. Read More