Mayor's Symposium

Second annual Mayor’s Symposium Focuses on Salt Lake’s Granary District

Southwest of downtown Salt Lake is an area of once and possible future vitality, but most commonly driven through—or over. Read More

February, 2012 from the U
Keel-billed Toucan

Climate Change Threatens Tropical Birds

Climate change spells trouble for many tropical birds – especially those living in mountains, coastal forests and relatively small areas – and the damage will be compounded by other threats like habitat loss, disease and competition among species. Read More

Klea Blackhurst

University of Utah Honors 2012 Founders Day Award Recipients

To commemorate the founding of the University of Utah on Feb. 28, 1850, the University of Utah Alumni Association will celebrate the accomplishments of four outstanding graduates and one honorary alumnus, at the annual Founders Day Banquet. Read More

Tannercandle Black

When Economics Goes Global, Who Benefits, Suffers?

Recent decades have been marked by a continual process of globalization—greatly increasing economic and political connections between nations. Living standards in both poor and rich countries are changing, as well as political power and institutions within nations. Other changes around the globe—including climate change, population pressures and food price shocks—are challenging capacity to deal with complex and intertwined issues. Read More


Students Design Virtual ID Badge to Combat Online Hackers

A student entrepreneurial team at the University of Utah believes it has come up with a winning business plan for a virtual ID badge that operates off of any mobile device. The team, calling itself EMRID Technologies, developed a product that could be used in place of other common electronic ID badges used by hospitals, defense companies or other firms where securing data is of the utmost importance. Read More