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Internationally Recognized Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute to Hold Court at Home

People living in the Beehive State might easily pair the words “Utah” and “ski” in a word association game, but not so much for “Utah” and “SCI.” –something organizers of the new open house called SCIx hope to change. SCIx will take place on November 4th. For a list of presentations and full schedule, visit http://www.sci.utah.edu/scix. Read More

October, 2011 from the U

Unique Mobility Products from University of Utah Program Enhance Lives of the Physically Disabled

For those who do not have the use of their legs or arms, the feeling of flying through the air can be a liberating experience, to say the least. Now, the Ergonomics and Safety Program at the University of Utah has partnered with the organization Able Pilot to provide disabled persons with just such a feeling of mobility. The partnership has produced the Phoenix, a paraglider that enables paraplegics to take flight by piloting their own craft with minimal assistance. The first flight lifted-off this summer. Read More

Leshyk Survivors

Land Animals and Ecosystems Walloped in Wake of End-Permian Mass Extinction

Natural History Museum of Utah’s Paleontology Curator Randall Irmis, along with a researcher at Brown University, have evidence that mass extinction that ended the Permian Period was disastrous for land-based animals. In a specimen-by-specimen analysis, the scientists say species were reduced to a handful of forms, called disaster taxa. The low diversity of vertebrates meant that terrestrial ecosystems endured boom-and-bust cycles for up to 8 million years before finally stabilizing. Results appear in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Irmis is also an assistant professor of geology and geophysics at the University of Utah. Read More

Ten Public Lectures to Cover Basics of Smart City Planning

Because Utah is a place of fragile natural beauty with a burgeoning population, it makes a perfect “living laboratory” for teaching and practicing the principles of quality growth and urban planning. Read More

Business School EMBA Program Rises in Financial Times Ranking

The Executive MBA Program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business has climbed to No 33 nationally on the 2011 Financial Times list of leading Executive MBA programs and is the only Utah school ranked in the top 100 this year. Read More