Richard Bushman

U Lecturer Asks: Can Mormonism Solve the Nation’s Problems?

With two Mormon candidates vying for a shot at the highest office in the nation, the public discourse on how Mormons can affect the lives of others has never been more acute. Read More

September, 2011 from the U
Thatcher Building

Groundbreaking for $22M Chemistry Building

The University of Utah will break ground Thursday, Sept 22, for the Thatcher Building for Biological and Biophysical Chemistry, an estimated $22 million facility to be built next to the existing chemistry building. Read More

Courtesy: Lennie Mahler

U’s Homecoming Theme Represents Forward Momentum in New Conference

As the University of Utah celebrates its inaugural year in the Pac-12, Homecoming Week has special significance for the campus and the community. Read More

Lawrence Boye

SLC – U Partnership Rolls Out Red Carpet for Home Games

Visitors to Salt Lake City this fall will be seeing red, as the University of Utah Athletics Department joins forces with community partners to launch a new tradition, called “The Red Movement,” designed to create a college town atmosphere for Utah fans and visitors in town for football games. Read More

Neal Patwari

Catching a Breath – Wirelessly

University of Utah engineers who built wireless networks that see through walls now are aiming the technology at a new goal: noninvasively measuring the breathing of surgery patients, adults with sleep apnea and babies at risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Read More