Bicycle and Skateboard Safety Awareness Underway

The first week of September, the University of Utah continued the phase one implementation of ongoing plans for the HPER Mall by installing asphalt bicycle paths. These new bicycle routes can be accessed north of the HPER Mall, west of Bailiff Road, and continue between the HPER Mall pedestrian plazas by Orson Spencer Hall onto the Marriott Library East plaza. Read More

September, 2011 from the U
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Building Better Catalysts

University of Utah chemists developed a method to design and test new catalysts, which are substances that speed chemical reactions and are crucial for producing energy, chemicals and industrial products. By using the new method, the chemists also made a discovery that will make it easier to design future catalysts. Read More

Spanish Fork air

Green Power at the U Goes Big with Blue Sky Visionary Designation

Half a dozen years ago, students at the University of Utah had a vision to purchase a relatively small amount of wind power to help satisfy the campus’ growing need for electricity. It was a start. But that first spark kept getting bigger and has now morphed into an announcement that the university has entered into a partnership with Rocky Mountain Power and 3Degrees, making it a visionary-level Blue Sky partner. Read More


Utah Governor and the University of Utah to Celebrate State’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

The University of Utah and Governor Gary Herbert will celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship during the week of Sept. 26-30. Read More

Peter Stang

National Medal of Science for U Chemist

University of Utah organic chemist Peter J Stang has won a National Medal of Science – the highest US honor for a scientist or engineer – and is tentatively scheduled to be honored by President Barack Obama at the White House later this year. Read More