Artists’ books by Shawn Soward, Meredith Jones, and Jennie Amador, students of the Spring Semester 2011 Artists' Books class.

University of Utah Offers Book Arts Certificate

Twelve years after the introduction of the Book Arts Program at the University of Utah, a Certificate in Book Arts has been approved. Read More

August, 2011 from the U
Robert Hill, professor of educational psychology, University of Utah

University of Utah Researcher Robert Hill to Serve Prestigious Fellowship

August 19, 2011 — Robert D. Hill  professor of educational psychology at the University of Utah, has been named a fellow of the American Council on Education (ACE) for academic year 2011-12. Hill, a noted expert on aging and memory, will spend the year on sabbatical, during which time he will work with Rutgers University Read More

New Venture Development 2010

University of Utah Lassonde Entrepreneur Center Marks 10th Anniversary

What was once just a “crazy idea” to bring business and science students together has become one of the most successful student entrepreneurial centers in the country. The Pierre and Claudette Lassonde Entrepreneur Center at the University of Utah (the U) is marking its 10th anniversary this month with student success stories that are the envy of other university business programs. Read More

Park Building at Night

U Research Dollars Hold Steady, Not Counting Stimulus Money

The University of Utah collected almost $411 million in research grants and related funding during the recently ended fiscal year 2011. The total is down 8.8 percent from the previous fiscal year, entirely due to an expected sharp drop in federal economic stimulus money. Read More

Stephen's Woodrat

Rats Control Appetite for Poison

Life is tough for woodrats in deserts of the US Southwest. There are few plants for food, and those plants produce poison to deter rodents, insects and other animals. A new University of Utah study shows how certain woodrats put themselves on a diet to avoid poisoning: They sample a smorgasbord of toxic plants, eat smaller meals, increase time between meals and drink more water if it is available. Read More