U of Utah: No. 1 for Startups

The University of Utah (the U) is the No. 1 research institution in the country when it comes to creating startup companies based on university technology – and the U achieved this ranking with a fraction of the research budget at other top universities. Read More

December, 2010 from the U
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Computer Memory Takes a Spin

University of Utah physicists stored information for 112 seconds in what may become the world’s tiniest computer memory: magnetic “spins” in the centers or nuclei of atoms. Then the physicists retrieved and read the data electronically – a big step toward using the new kind of memory for both faster conventional and superfast “quantum” computers. Read More

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University of Utah Welcomes American Indian Resource Center Director

The University of Utah announced today that Matthew Van Alstine Makomenaw, Ph.D., has joined the Office for Equity and Diversity as the director of the American Indian Resource Center (AIRC). Read More

U of U Team Wins techTitans with Bionic Arm for Ultrasound Clinicians

A team from the University of Utah with a bionic arm for ultrasound clinicians won the annual techTitans idea competition earlier this month. Teams from across the state competed in the competition at the U of U. The winning teams survived several rounds of judging by local professors and business professionals who evaluated the merit of their ideas. Read More