Lukas  Panzarin

First Horned Dinosaur from Mexico

A new species of horned dinosaur unearthed in Mexico has larger horns that any other species – up to 4 feet long – and has given scientists fresh insights into the ancient history of western North America, according to a research team led by paleontologists from the Utah Museum of Natural History at the University of Utah. Read More

May, 2010 from the U
Hunter, Hoskins at CCHP Award Ceremony May 2010

University Neighborhood Partners Recognized

UNIVERSITY NEIGHBORHOOD PARTNERS (UNP) was recently recognized at the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) 11th annual conference in Portland, Oregon with an honorable mention for the 2010 CCPH award. The prestigious award recognizes exemplary partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions that build on each other’s strengths to improve higher education, civic engagement and the Read More

Shau-Kwaun Chen, the University of Utah

Mental Illness Tied to Immune Defect

A Nobel Prize-winning University of Utah geneticist discovered that bone marrow transplants cure mutant mice who pull out their hair compulsively. The study provides the first cause-and-effect link between immune system cells and mental illness, and points toward eventual new psychiatric treatments. Read More

Out of the Woods for ‘Ardi’

Ardipithecus ramidus – a purported human ancestor that was dubbed Science magazine’s 2009 “Breakthrough of the Year” – is coming under fire from scientists who say there is scant evidence for her discoverers’ claims that there were dense woodlands at the African site where the creature lived 4.4 million years ago. Read More

Cars and Sprawl: Chicken or Egg?

It may have taken a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to direct the general public’s attention to automobile use and how it affects everything from the environment to obesity. Read More