Jorge Gonzalez

Early Carnivorous Dinosaurs Crossed Continents

Did the first dinosaurs wander across continents or stay put where they first evolved? The first dinosaurs evolved 230 million years ago when the continents were assembled into one landmass called Pangea. The question of early dinosaur movements remained unclear until the discovery of some exciting new fossils. Read More

December, 2009 from the U

Trio of experts available for perspective on Afghanistan

Three law professors at the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law have spent time with Afghan prosecutors in the U.S. and Afghanistan. Each has been instrumental in a project to assist the Afghan government to reconstruct its justice system essentially from the ground up after 30 years of civil war and the demolition of the existing Afghan system. Read More

Fruit Flies with High Cholesterol?

How do fruit flies get high cholesterol and become obese? The same way as people do – by eating a diet that’s too rich in fats. Read More

Students, Faculty and Staff to Turn the Snow Red

Solitude Mountain Resort will host the annual Ski and Shred Red Day on Friday, Dec. 18. The University of Utah and Solitude have teamed up this year for this end-of-the-semester escape where powder-hungry students, faculty and staff from the U can take to the slopes at a big discount. Read More