New Hope for Deadly Childhood Bone Cancer

Researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah have shed new light on Ewing’s sarcoma, an often deadly bone cancer that typically afflicts children and young adults. Their research shows that patients with poor outcomes have tumors with high levels of a protein known as GSTM4, which may suppress the effects of chemotherapy. The research is published online today in the journal Oncogene. Read More

August, 2009 from the U

Gene variant is ‘major genetic determinant of psoriasis’

A specific genetic region that has been increasingly identified as the strongest genetic link to psoriasis has an even more significant role in the chronic skin disease than has been suspected, University of Utah medical researchers show in a new study. Read More

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Why Obama’s Dog Has Curly Hair

University of Utah researchers used data from Portuguese water dogs – the breed of President Barack Obama’s dog Bo – to help find a gene that gives some dogs curly hair and others long, wavy hair. Read More

U Bleeds to Reclaim Crown

The seventh annual “Bleed Red” blood drive competition between the University of Utah (the U) and Utah State University (USU) will take place Friday, Aug. 28 through Thursday, Sept. 3-the week of the big football game between the two teams. For the past five years, the U has won the battle on the football field, but USU has taken home the trophy for the blood drive competition. This year U students are determined to win both on the field and in blood donations. Read More

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