George  Jiracek, San Diego State University

Shaking the Earth: Just Add Water **PHOTOS ONLY**

July, 2009 from the U
Ian Shennan, University of Durham

Pacific Tsunami Threat Greater Than Expected

A study co-authored by University of Utah geologist Ron Bruhn discovered that gigantic earthquakes in Alaska 1,500 and 900 years ago ruptured multiple fault segments, suggesting those quakes and related tsunamis were worse than the 1964 Good Friday earthquake in Alaska — the second largest quake ever recorded. Read More

Life-saving Companies are Among 23 Started This Year Through U of U Research

The 2009 fiscal year-end results for the generation of new businesses prove what many economists have long claimed, that the University of Utah (the U of U) is an economic engine for the state of Utah. Twenty-three companies were created from technologies developed at the university within the last fiscal year. These companies, which include the first startup company for the state’s Utah Science Technology and Research initiative (USTAR), not only help move research forward through the licensing revenue they bring in, but they also provide jobs for the people of Utah and help strengthen the economy in the state. Read More

Beach, Spanish Class, Firefighters, Cake

In a post on the U’s new blog, Whitney Evans, a graduate student in social work, recounts an after-school Costa Rican cooking class. “Beat, fold, blend, pour and plop in the oven… no big deal. Gata magically pulls the other pre-baked cakes out and they are lovely… and loaded with tiny ants. No big deal… wipe them off with a towel.” Lucky thing she’s not there to learn to cook. Read More

Salt Lake Media to Celebrate Completion of University Hospital’s Three-Year Parking Nightmare

Local media will join (we hope) the PR team, as well as physicians, staff and patients at University Hospital this Thursday at 10 a.m. to celebrate the completion of a three-year $130 million expansion of the state’s only academic medical center. In addition to increasing the number of private rooms, creating a new lobby and improving access to the hospitals services, the expansion also features a convenient parking lot for local news media (which unfortunately will be covered with a giant tent for the ribbon cutting ceremony). Read More