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Drivers Distracted More by Cell Phones Than by Passengers

Drivers are far more distracted by talking on a cellular phone than by conversing with a passenger in an automobile, according to a new study by University of Utah psychologists Frank Drews, David Strayer and Monisha Pasupathi. Read More

November, 2008 from the U
Courtesy of U of U Alumni Association

Executive Director of Alumni Association Recognized for 20 Years of Service

At half-time during last night’s Lady Ute’s game against Louisville, M. John Ashton, executive director of the University of Utah Alumni Association, was honored for 20 years of service to the University of Utah. He was presented with a framed U of U basketball jersey with the #20 in recognition of his years of service to the University and its over 220,000 alumni, as well as for his long-term support of Utah athletics. Read More

Seasoned Entrepreneurs Engage with University Startup Companies

It has been said that wise people learn from others’ experiences. This is the genesis of the University of Utah’s new initiative: the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program. The plan is to align seasoned entrepreneurs with young university startup companies to help the new companies as they develop business plans, acquire financing, and begin operations. Read More

Fred Hayes for the University of Utah.

Superglue from the Sea

Sandcastle worms live in intertidal surf, building sturdy tube-shaped homes from bits of sand and shell and their own natural glue. University of Utah bioengineers have made a synthetic version of this seaworthy superglue, and hope it will be used within several years to repair shattered bones in knees, other joints and the face. Read More

Courtesy of U of U Alumni Association

U of U Alumni Association Selects Distinguished and Honorary Alumni Award Recipients

Each year, beginning in 1947, the University of Utah Alumni Association presents accomplished alumni and friends with the institution’s highest honors-the Distinguished and Honorary alumni awards. Each individual selected represents the best that the University brings to the state, and the national and international communities. Read More