University of Utah Welcomes American Indian Students

The University of Utah will host a welcoming event for new and returning American Indian students on Saturday and Sunday August 23 and 24 at the American Indian Resource Center and other campus locations. Read More

August, 2008 from the U

White Blood Cell Uses DNA ‘Catapult’ to Fight Infection

Eosinophils help to prevent uncontrolled bacterial invasionU.S. and Swiss scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding how a type of white blood cell called the eosinophil may help the body to fight bacterial infections in the digestive tract, according to research published online this week in Nature Medicine. Read More

Nick Borys
Nick Borys

Toward Plastic Spin Transistors

University of Utah physicists successfully controlled an electrical current using the “spin” within electrons – a step toward building an organic “spin transistor”: a plastic semiconductor switch for future ultrafast computers and electronics. Read More

Courtesy of U of U Alumni Association

U of U Receives $12 Million from Sorenson Legacy Foundation for New Interdisciplinary Arts and Education Complex

The University of Utah announced today the Sorenson Legacy Foundation has pledged $12 million to the university for the construction of an interdisciplinary arts and education complex at its Salt Lake City campus. It is the largest donation in support of fine arts or arts and education in university history.

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