Farmer’s Market Opens on U of U Campus

It’s a win for both the University of Utah community and local food growers and artisans today with the opening of the U’s farmer’s market. Read More

August, 2008 from the U

Utah Steps into the Heavens

In its latest step to develop an astronomy program, the University of Utah is joining a major international effort to map the heavens as a way to search for giant planets in other solar systems, study expansion of the universe and probe the mysterious dark matter and dark energy that make up most of the universe.

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New U Book Fosters Participation and Tradition

New students beginning classes this week at the University of Utah will no longer have to wonder how to get involved with campus activities and traditions; instead it will all be spelled out for them on the pages of the new U Book. Each freshman will be given a copy of the new publication which encourages everyone to have fun and learn about the school. Read More

Wilford Woodruff Goodwill

On Tuesday, August 19, the University of Utah College of Social Work lost a great friend with the death of Wilford W. Goodwill. His vision and support enabled the college to make great strides in research on aging, programs for senior citizens, and training for students who plan to work with older adults. Read More

University of Utah Recognized in Major National Ranking

The latest issue of U.S. News & World Report/America’s Best Colleges ranks the University of Utah among the best national universities. The U came in 127th, tying with the University of San Francisco and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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