First Civic Engagement Week Poster Session at the U

University of Utah faculty and students are engaged in more than academia. From teaching physical education to autistic students, to recording the life stories of hospice patients, to designing sustainable buildings and bringing the Great Salt Lake to life for K-12 teachers and students, U faculty and students are engaged in service-learning and community partnerships that add a human component to traditional higher education.

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March, 2008 from the U

Arctic Pollution’s Surprising History

Scientists know that air pollution particles from mid-latitude cities migrate to the Arctic and form an ugly haze, but a new University of Utah study finds surprising evidence that polar explorers saw the same phenomenon as early as 1870. Read More


University of Utah Emeritus Professor of American Studies, William Mulder, Dies

“The motto Wij zijn klein maar groot (We are small but great) expresses the sentiment of the Dutch in Utah,” wrote William Mulder, emeritus professor of American studies at the University of Utah. As a fellow Dutchman in Utah, Mulder achieved greatness on many levels, professional and personal, local and abroad. Read More

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: U Researchers Investigate Why Some Animals Regrow Hearing Cells, But People Don’t

When birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians lose cells that enable them to hear, they have the enviable capacity to do something people cannot-regenerate those cells and regain their hearing.

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One Yin of a Discovery: Blood Vessel Protein Treatment For Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy In Mice

Two major eye diseases and leading causes of blindness-age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy-can be treated in mice by drugs that activate a protein found in blood vessel cells, researchers at the University of Utah School of Medicine and several other institutions have announced in a new study. Read More