Campus Information Technology Streamlined

Stephen H. Hess has been named the new Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the University of Utah and will report directly to the president. Hess is currently Associate Academic Vice President for Information Technology. This change will help streamline the data processing needs of faculty, staff, and students in areas such as research, financial management, and planning. Read More

June, 2007 from the U

New Task Force on Campus Security

A new task force has been created by University of Utah President Michael K. Young to respond to security concerns in light of legislative response to the University’s policies regarding guns on campus and recent events of violence on university campuses. The Task Force on Campus Security will review security issues ranging from individual assault to catastrophic incidents. Read More

The University of Utah

A Sound Way to Turn Heat into Electricity

University of Utah physicists developed small devices that turn heat into sound and then into electricity. The technology holds promise for changing waste heat into electricity, harnessing solar energy and cooling computers and radars.

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BYU, U. of Utah retain attorney to improve distribution of sports broadcasts

Brigham Young University and the University of Utah have retained a sports broadcasting attorney to explore all possible options in improving the distribution of athletic broadcasts to their fans. Read More