Utah College Students to Show off Research Projects

College students from across Utah will gather at the University of Utah to share information and explain their work on everything from studying new stars to reducing the cost of billing in a dental office. Read More

January, 2007 from the U

Toys + Chemistry = Learning + Fun

Toys and household items can be used to teach chemistry in a fun and entertaining manner, according to speakers at a Feb. 6 lecture aimed at high school chemistry teachers in northern Utah. Read More

Michael Bastiani, University of Utah

Mutant Gene Shatters Nerves

If you bend a knee or an elbow, the nerves in your limbs stretch but do not break. A University of Utah study suggests why: A gene produces a springy protein that keeps nerve cells flexible. When the gene was disabled in tiny nematode worms, their nerve cells literally broke. Read More

The University of Utah

New Research Stars for USTAR

Under an initiative to attract world-class scientists and boost Utah’s economy, the University of Utah has hired experts on high-speed wireless communication, computer analysis of medical images and underground storage of carbon dioxide gas to combat global warming and extract oil.
“The University of Utah is pleased to announce the appointments of some of the first faculty members under the Utah Science, Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative,” says David Pershing, senior vice president for academic affairs. “These are the first of what we hope ultimately will be a few dozen outstanding new faculty members under the initiative.” Read More

Joseph Horowitz to Give Gardner Lecture at Libby Gardner Concert Hall

American Music Expert Joseph Horowitz will deliver the annual Gardner Lecture on Wednesday, February 7, 2007. Mr. Horowitz is a renowned artistic consultant, teacher, and author. The lecture and associated discussion with students and faculty docents is free of charge. The public is invited to attend. Read More