Enforcement Game Plan for Counterfeiters

As the University of Utah prepares for its match-up with BYU on Saturday, The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), in conjunction with University officials, is making preparations to rid the marketplace of potential counterfeit and unlicensed merchandise. Read More

November, 2006 from the U

Wisconsin Health-Care Administrator Named New CEO of University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics

University of Utah Senior Vice President for Health Sciences A. Lorris Betz, M.D., Ph.D., today announced David Entwistle as the new chief executive officer of University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics. Entwistle is currently Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics. Read More

The University of Utah Announces 2006 Diversity Awards

The University of Utah is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2006 Diversity Awards. Four individuals at the University of Utah will be presented with awards and recognition at the 11th annual Diversity Awards luncheon on December 5. The awards are given each year to outstanding individuals or organizations that demonstrate an active commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity at the University of Utah. According to Karen Dace, University of Utah, Senior Associate Vice President for Diversity, “These awards recognize continuous and consistent efforts of the individuals and campus units to foster a more inclusive climate and create greater access and opportunities for diverse students, staff, and faculty.” This year’s award recipients are Dan Edwards, Steve Nygaard, David Pershing and Wilfred Samuels. Read More

U Professor Dan Jones Receives First Ever Civic, Character, and Service Learning Award

Dan Jones was honored with the first ever Civic, Character, and Service Learning Award presented by the Utah Commission on Civic and Character Education at the Dialogue on Democracy dinner earlier this month. The Hinckley Institute of Politics nominated Dr. Jones, who is an adjunct professor in the University of Utah Political Science Department. Read More

John Lupton, University of Utah

A Quantum (Computer) Step

A University of Utah physicist took a step toward developing a superfast computer based on the weird reality of quantum physics by showing it is feasible to read data stored in the form of the magnetic \”spins\” of phosphorus atoms. Read More