A Super-Fast Link to Cyberspace

The University of Utah and potentially all of Utah\’s colleges, schools, libraries and state agencies, have gained a new, ultrahigh-speed, $1.25 million connection to cyberspace: a national fiber-optic network named National LambdaRail. Read More

May, 2006 from the U
Qiang Fu

The Tropics May be Expanding

Atmospheric temperature measurements by U.S. weather satellites indicate Earth\’s hot, tropical zone has expanded farther from the equator since 1979, says a study by scientists from the University of Utah and University of Washington. Read More

NCAA Certifies U of U Athletics Program

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) announced today that the University of Utah’s athletics program is in substantial conformity with operating principles adopted by the Association’s Division I membership and as a result has been certified. The purpose of the certification program, which all Division I institutions undergo every 10 years, is to ensure integrity in the U’s athletics operations. Read More

U Cosmic Ray Pioneer Gene Loh Dies at 72

Eugene Loh, University of Utah distinguished professor emeritus of physics, has died of kidney cancer at age 72 after a career in which he pioneered the university’s world-renowned effort to determine the mysterious source of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays, the most energetic particles in the universe. Read More

U Hosts Steel Bridge Contest

Almost 500 students from 45 colleges and universities will build strong, lightweight, scale-model bridges as the University of Utah hosts the 15th Annual National Student Steel Bridge Competition on Friday, May 26 and Saturday, May 27. Read More