Scientists Fetch Useful Information from Dog Genome Publications

Today a plethora of dog genome-related materials are published, including a new book titled \\\\\\\”The Dog and Its Genome\\\\\\\” and a series of primary research articles in the journal Genome Research. These publications, concomitant with the publication by Nature of a high-quality draft sequence of the dog genome, are expected to provide both researchers and the public with informative resources about canine genomics and biology. Read More

December, 2005 from the U

An ‘EGGsplosive’ Robot Contest

Raw eggs will serve as make-believe bombs when robots built by University of Utah students attempt to transport and safely dispose the “eggsplosives.” Other undergraduates will display their research projects. And junior high school students will build trebuchet-style catapults to hurl toy cougars – the mascot of the University of Utah’s rival, Brigham Young University. Read More

U of U Women’s Resource Center Introduces Young Women to Higher Education

Aishatu and Aminatu Yusuf say attending college was a natural progression of their learning. “Our mom was a non-traditional college student. I went to school with her and sat in the corner,” says Aminatu, a junior majoring in health promotion and education. “My mom was always telling us the history of African Americans in this country; that we didn’t always have the opportunity to get an education; and that attending college is an opportunity to take.” Read More

U of U Announces New Hispanic Chamber Scholarships and Internship Sponsored by Ivory Homes

University of Utah President Michael K. Young announced that Ivory Homes will sponsor ten new scholarships over the next five years for Hispanic students. Two of these scholarships will be given to the Hispanic chamber of Commerce and be called “The Hispanic Chamber Scholarships sponsored by Ivory Homes.” The announcement was made at the Annual Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Christmas Gala last night. Ivory Homes currently provides twelve scholarships a year to Hispanic students attending the University of Utah. Read More