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Why Christmas Trees Are Not Extinct

Conifers such as Christmas trees suffer a severe plumbing problem. The “pipes” that carry water through firs, pines and other conifers are 10 times shorter than those in flowering trees. But a University of Utah study suggests why conifers not only survive but thrive: efficient microscopic valves let water flow through conifers about as easily as it flows through other trees. Read More

December, 2005 from the U

English Language Institute Graduation to Mean “Feliz Navidad” for Adult Latinos December 22

Local adult Latinos are receiving a unique Christmas present this year – the gift of English language. For months, they have been meeting Mondays through Thursdays for two hours each night for advanced community English as a Second Language classes sponsored by Zions Bank Su Banco in partnership with the University of Utah’s English Language Institute (ELI). Read More

University, LDS Hospitals Ready to Enroll Patients in Study of New Blood Substitute for Trauma Patients

After listening to public comment for five months, Utah\\\\\\\’s two major trauma centers for adult patients, University of Utah Hospital and LDS Hospital, are ready to enroll patients in a groundbreaking national clinical trial to test a new synthetic blood product in the treatment of trauma patients. The hospitals will hold a media briefing on Dec. 20 at the West Valley City Fire Department. Read More

University of Utah Announces Formation of Two New Research Centers

With financial support obtained by the Utah Congressional Delegation for the Federal 2006 budget year, the University of Utah is pleased to announce the formation of two new research and development centers focused on energy production technologies. These two research centers are targeted at developing new technologies that will take advantage of Utah’s vast heavy oil resources contained in oil shale and oil sands, as well as the abundant coal supplies in eastern Utah. Both centers will be organized within the College of Engineering’s Institute for Combustion and Energy Studies (ICES), directed by Professor JoAnn S. Lighty. The resources of the University of Utah’s Energy and Geoscience Institute, directed by Dr. Raymond Levey, will also play a role in these new centers Read More

The New Faraday Chemistry Lectures

The University of Utah’s wildly popular Faraday Chemistry Christmas lecture series began in 1980 and has been presented every year during the holiday season. This year, the lectures will feature new faces: chemistry department Chair Peter B. Armentrout and Professor Chuck Wight. Dressed like 19th century chemists in tuxedos and top hats, they will introduce a dynamic new series of experiments and demonstrations that will educate and entertain audiences of all ages. Read More