A ‘Dimmer Switch’ for Genes

A protein that was thought to simply turn genes on and off now looks to be more like a cellular “dimmer switch,” researchers from Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah, report in the July 1, 2005, issue of the journal Science. Read More

June, 2005 from the U

First Cohort of Community-Based Latino Students to Graduate from University’s English Language Institute

Many immigrants come to Utah with knowledge and strong job skills, but lack fluency in the English language. Not speaking and writing the language well severely limits opportunities for employment and educational advancement. That is why the University of Utah’s English Language Institute (ELI), within the U’s division of Continuing Education, and Zions Bank teamed up earlier this year to offer community-based English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for graduates of local public school ESL programs who desired advanced training. Read More

Research Suggests Children of Divorce More Likely to End Their Own Marriages

Children of divorced parents often bitterly vow not to repeat the same mistakes. They want to avoid putting themselves and their own children through the pain that comes from the dissolution of a marriage. But, according to University of Utah researcher Nicholas H. Wolfinger, these children’s aspirations face unfavorable odds. Read More


U of U Researcher Reports Latino Immigrants’ Experiences in Utah to be Mixed

When Utah was settled, 90 percent of its immigrants were Anglo-Europeans and new converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By the year 2000, 90 percent of immigrants coming into the Beehive State were Latinos and Catholic. Because of this dramatic shift, Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of International Migration now classifies Utah as one of the new “gateway” states for those leaving other countries to enter the United States to live. Read More

EPA Makes U Green Power Partner

The University of Utah recently earned national recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Sterling Planet for its effort to minimize use of fossil fuels. The EPA made the University a Green Power Partner, while Sterling Planet presented the school with a Certificate of Environmental Stewardship. Read More