Steve Coray

Founders Day Pays Tribute to Distinguished U Alumni

Four distinguished alumni and two outstanding friends and supporters of the University of Utah were honored Wednesday night, Feb. 23, at the Alumni Association’s 47th Annual Founders Day Celebration, held at Little America Hotel. Read More

February, 2005 from the U

Author Barbara Ehrenreich to Keynote at U of U Women’s Week

Women’s Week at the University of Utah, Feb. 28 through March 4, is centered on the theme “Will Work for Change-Being Nickeled and Dimed in America” and will explore issues surrounding minimum wage, policy decisions, effective mentorship, earning a living wage, access to education and what aids women in obtaining greater financial security. Read More

Public Comment Encouraged for NCAA Certification

University of Utah President Michael K. Young has announced the beginning of a campus-wide study of the school’s athletics program as part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association\’s (NCAA) certification program. The purpose of the certification program, which all Division I institutions undergo every 10 years, is to ensure integrity in the U\’s athletics operations. Read More

Ian McDougall

The Oldest Homo sapiens

When the bones of two early humans were found in 1967 near Kibish, Ethiopia, they were thought to be 130,000 years old. A few years ago, researchers found 154,000- to 160,000-year-old human bones at Herto, Ethiopia. Now, a new study of the 1967 fossil site indicates the earliest known members of our species, Homo sapiens, roamed Africa about 195,000 years ago. Read More

U Center on Aging Study Helps the Newly Widowed Survive and Thrive

Losing a spouse is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a person, but many widows and widowers adjust better if they learn new skills and receive social support, according to researchers at the University of Utah Center on Aging. Read More