Jim DeGooyer

A Faraday Farewell

With 30 experiments that explode, change colors and delight an audience of children and adults, University of Utah chemists Ronald Ragsdale and Jerry Driscoll will dress as 19th century chemists and deliver the annual Faraday Christmas Lectures for a 24th and final year. Read More

December, 2004 from the U

U of U Study Projects $14.4 Billion in Transportation Construction to Create Jobs

According to a new report, prepared by the Bureau of Economic and Business Research (BEBR), in the University of Utah’s David S. Eccles School of Business, $14.4 billion (constant 2004 dollars) in Utah transportation infrastructure investments planned for the next 26 years, will significantly influence the region’s land use patterns, relative competitiveness and economic development potential, resulting in thousands of new, well-paying construction jobs for Utahns. Read More

Franz Goller

Singing in the Brain

University of Utah scientists taught baby sparrows to sing a complete song even though the birds were exposed only to overlapping segments of the tune rather than the full melody. The study provides clues about how musical memories are stored in the brain and how those memories help birds learn to sing. Read More

Hurl an Egg, Catapult a Cougar

The University of Utah’s Department of Mechanical Engineering will host its third annual Undergraduate Research Day on Thursday Dec. 9. The event features displays of student research projects, and competitions in which devices are built to hurl eggs and stuffed cougars – the mascot of rival Brigham Young University. Read More

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

Did Our Sun Capture Alien Worlds?

Computer simulations show a close encounter with a passing star about 4 billion years ago may have given our solar system its abrupt edge and put small, alien worlds into distant orbits around our sun. Read More