U of U Establishes \”Sam Rich Scholars in Global Affairs\” Program

The College of Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Utah is pleased to announce the establishment of the “Sam Rich Scholars in Global Affairs” program and the selection of the first Sam Rich Scholar. The scholars program will be used to expand and strengthen teaching and research on global issues at the University of Utah. The Sam Rich Scholars program will bring outstanding academicians to the University of Utah campus and recognize University distinguished scholars for their achievements. It will also provide additional resources to support these scholarly activities. Read More

January, 2004 from the U
Stephen Tuft

Cosmic Ray Observatory Planned

The University of Utah and a group of Japanese and U.S. universities plan to build a $17 million to $18 million cosmic ray observatory named the Telescope Array in central Utah’s Millard County. It will try to determine the mysterious source of the most energetic particles in the universe. Read More

Mining in the Future: Sustaining Humanity in an Acceptable Manner

“Mining in the Future: Sustaining Humanity in an Acceptable Manner,” is the topic of a Friday Jan. 16 lecture at the University of Utah by Robin J. Batterham, chief scientist for the Australian Government and chief technologist for Rio Tinto Limited, the company that owns Kennecott Utah Copper. Read More

Utah Museum of Natural History to Host \”Memory\” Exhibit and Lecture Series

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there? Do you forget the names of people you just met? Do you get to work and realize you forgot your lunch? Have you wondered why is it you can recall every note of the piano piece you learned when you were five, but can’t remember where you parked your car 30 minutes ago? Read More