Courtesy of A. Lorris Betz, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Lorris Betz Appointed Interim President of University of Utah

In a meeting of the University of Utah Board of Trustees Monday, State Board of Regents Chair Nolan E. Karras announced that Dr. Lorris Betz has been appointed as Interim President of the University of Utah, effective January 1, 2004. Dr. Betz, currently the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, Dean of the School of Medicine, and CEO of the University of Utah Health System, will serve as Interim President until a new President is appointed later in 2004. “Dr. Betz is a capable administrator, and we are confident that with his leadership the University will continue to function very effectively while we continue the search for a new President,” stated Chair Karras. “We are grateful that he is willing to accept the assignment to serve in the important role of Interim President.” Read More

December, 2003 from the U

Bjorkman Named Interim Medical School Dean Following Betz Appointment As Interium U of U President

David J. Bjorkman, M.D., M.S.P.H., senior associate dean of the University of Utah School of Medicine since 2000, has been named interim dean of the school, effective January 1, 2004. Read More

Dale H. Clayton and Sarah E. Bush

How Lice and Bird Feathers Stick Together

University of Utah biologists twirled louse-infested bird feathers on an electric fan and flew pigeons and doves like kites on strings in a study that found small lice stick to small birds and big lice prefer big birds. Read More

Utah’s Redrock May Have Changed Global Climate

The Navajo Sandstone — one of the brightly colored rock formations that comprise southern Utah’s famous redrock — is exposed in the cliffs at Zion National Park, the Petrified Dunes at Arches National Park and in many parts of Capitol Reef National Park. Read More

U Research Suggests That Women Widowed \’Too Early\’ or \’Too Young\’ Are At Most Risk for Poverty

Researchers at the University of Utah say that despite significant changes in the workplace to give women pay equity eligibility for retirement benefits, widowed women are more likely to be poor, compared to the rest of the continuously married population. Read More