University of Utah to Conduct Earthquake Disaster Drill

A moderate earthquake will strike the University of Utah campus between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., Tues., September 30, 2003, at least in theory. The drill is part of a series of ongoing studies to determine the preparedness of emergency personnel to deal with such a disaster. The epicenter of the simulated earthquake and most of the exercise activity will be located on the east plaza of U’s Marriott Library. The drill will conclude at 1 p.m. Read More

September, 2003 from the U

University Hospital Is Consumers\’ Choice For Fifth Straight Year

University Hospitals & Clinics has won the Consumer Choice Award for the Salt Lake City metropolitan area for the fifth consecutive year-the only Utah hospital to receive the award for 2003. Read More

U of U Gay Pride 2003 Theme to Focus on \”Many Myths – Our Truths\”

In celebration of National Coming Out Day, the University of Utah Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center will present a series of Pride 2003 lectures, activities and performances. These events will run from Oct. 1st through the 18th, with National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11th. Read More

Exploring the Passionate Mind

How does the human mind make sense of itself? What is self? Is it me, or is it my brain? How are emotion and cognition – the process of knowing, of having perception, memory and judgment – tied to our notions of ourselves? Read More

Expert at U to Provide Insight Into \”California Circus\”

There are 135 candidates, including Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, plus Gov. Gray Davis, the subject of the recall. Who will win? The media has had a heyday asking this question while following the campaigns of each during the California gubernatorial recall election. This week\’s decision by the Appeals Court panel to postpone the elections-and the full Appeals Court panel likely to review this decision-adds even more confusion to the much-publicized race. Read More