U of U Leaders To Train In Preventing And Responding To Hate Crimes

The kidnapping and murder of Matthew Shepherd. Columbine High School. Sept. 11, 2001. These extreme violent hate crimes made international headlines. Read More

July, 2003 from the U

Study Ends 20-Year Controversy Over Amount of Radiation Exposure in Hiroshima

Previous estimates of the amount of neutron dose received by Hiroshima atomic-bomb survivors are essentially accurate and the existing standards for estimating risk for radiation-induced cancer need not be changed, according to a study published in the July 31 issue of Nature. Read More

U of U Officials Respond to NCAA Public Infractions Report

Officials at the University of Utah publicly responded today to an NCAA public infractions report released earlier in the day involving violations within the University’s men’s basketball, football, and women’s track and field programs. On hand to discuss the NCAA’s report, as well as the U’s own corrective measures, and to answer questions from reporters were President Bernie Machen, Athletic Director Chris Hill, men’s basketball coach Rick Majerus, and Vice President for University Relations Fred Esplin. Read More

Study Shows Car Seat Belt Good For Both Pregnant Mother and Fetus

July 29, 2003 — Pregnant women who don’t wear a car seat belt for fear of injuring the fetus during a crash or because it’s inconvenient should think again. Read More

Who\’s Staying At The U This Summer?

During the University of Utah’s “summer season”-from May 9th until Aug. 10th, about 14,000 conference visitors to campus will occupy University Guest House suites and Heritage Commons residence halls, home to U students during the academic year. Although the U has experienced a large increase in adult conferences and seminars in the residence halls, the majority of these summer guests are youths, participating in dance, sports, cheerleading and motivational camps and workshops. Read More