Brad Nelson

Distinguished Professor Sung Wan Kim Receives 2003 Rosenblatt Prize at U of U Commencement

Sung Wan Kim, Distinguished Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering, was honored at today’s Commencement with the Rosenblatt Prize, the University of Utah’s highest award for excellence. The $40,000 gift is presented annually to a faculty member who displays excellence in teaching, research, and administrative efforts. Read More

May, 2003 from the U
Kunming Institute of Zoology, China

Scientists Briefly Reverse Brain-Cell Aging

New research suggests that by boosting levels of a brain chemical to squelch excess transmission of nerve signals, doctors someday may be able to help elderly people by reversing brain-cell aging that can cause declines in vision, hearing, memory and other cognitive and motor skills. Read More

Gene Targeting Improved by Utah Biochemists

By exploiting cells’ natural ability to repair genetic damage, University of Utah scientists developed a new method that dramatically improves the efficiency of the “gene-targeting” technology that has revolutionized biology and medicine. The method employs enzyme “scissors” to replace genes or knock them out of action. Read More