U Students Postpone School and Graduation to Serve in War

Twenty-three-year-old Eric Alder enrolled in winter semester at the University of Utah and was planning to graduate in economics this Friday, May 2. He was in the process of filling out the forms for his commencement cap and gown when his U.S. Marine Corps reserve unit-“Charlie Company”-was called up in March to assist with the war effort in Iraq. Instead of donning graduation robes this week, he is fulfilling various assignments in Iraq while enduring 110-degree heat. Read More

April, 2003 from the U

U Students Commissioned To Create Artwork For Medical Center Light Rail Transit Line Stations

When the University Medical Center Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line opens next fall, riders will be greeted by artwork created by University of Utah students. Intended to complement each of the three light rail stations, the sculptures grew out of the Utah Transit Authority’s (UTA) Art in Transit program. Read More

Health Sciences Center Research to Take Spotlight in April 29 Groundbreaking, Ribbon-Cutting

Research at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center will be center stage April 29 when ground will be broken for one research facility and the doors open on another. Read More

Utah Mathematician Appointed President to Lead CMI

The Directors of the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) are pleased to announce the appointment of James A. Carlson, mathematics professor at the University of Utah, as CMI’s second president, effective August 2003. As president, Carlson will lead the research activities of the Institute, develop programs in Cambridge and elsewhere, and liaison with leading mathematicians worldwide. Read More

Hurricane Winds Carried Ocean Salt & Plankton Far Inland

Researchers found surprising evidence of sea salt and frozen plankton in high, cold, cirrus clouds, the remnants of Hurricane Nora, over Utah and the U.S. plains states. Although the 1997 hurricane was a strong eastern Pacific storm, her high ice-crystal clouds extended many miles inland, carrying ocean phenomena deep into the U.S. heartland. Read More