Did Early Humans Mate with the Locals?

A new analysis of human genetic history deals a blow to the theory that early people moved out of Africa and completely replaced local populations elsewhere in the world. The findings suggest there was at least limited interbreeding between our African ancestors and the residents of areas where they settled. Read More

December, 2002 from the U

Skatin\’ Utes Help Organize New Division-I Hockey League

An historic meeting will be held tomorrow on the University of Utah campus to give birth to a new Division-I hockey league. The two- day meeting will begin Friday, Dec. 20 at 7 p.m. at the University Guest House Hotel conference center on the University of Utah Campus. Read More

U Runs $1.49 Million Urban Airshed Study

Mention urban air pollution, and people often think of vehicle exhaust pipes and smokestacks. But the factors contributing to the ugly haze over a city are far more complex. They also include urban sprawl, weather, government policies, water vapor from landscape irrigation, commuter psychology, and volatile organic compounds from gas stations, industrial solvents, vegetation and other sources. Read More

Got Milk? Utah Scientists Discover Key Lactation Gene Mutant Version May Explain Why Some Women Have Trouble Breast-Feeding

Geneticist Mario Capecchi and colleagues at the University of Utah and the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, have discovered that a gene called xanthine oxidoreductase, or XOR for short, is required for lactation in female mice. This previously unidentified role for XOR in lactation reveals a possible genetic basis for the lactation difficulties experienced by nearly 5 percent of women. Read More

Utah Hires Urban Meyer As Its New Football Coach

The University of Utah has hired Urban Meyer as its new head football coach, Utah Director of Athletics Dr. Chris Hill announced today. Meyer, the head coach at Bowling Green State University for the past two years, has agreed to a five-year contract worth $400,000 a year. Read More