U of U Student Leaders to Unite, Educate Diverse Campus Groups

The newly organized University of Utah ASUU United Leadership Council (ULC) will bring 220 student leaders from across campus together this weekend at Snowbird Ski Resort’s Cliff Lodge to enhance their leadership skills. The secluded mountain retreat will also provide ample opportunities for the participants to network, contemplate collaboration and share information about available University resources. Read More

October, 2002 from the U

Can The Less Affluent Build Personal Wealth?

Many wonder how it is possible that during the 1990s, when stock and home equity values were rising, the net worth of many Americans declined. What do these changes in wealth holdings imply for low- and moderate-income families? Will they be able to buy a home, send their children to college and live comfortably during retirement? Read More

Francesc Cebria and Chiyoko Kobayashi

Gene Prevents ‘Brains Everywhere’ Utah, Japanese Biologists Discover Gene that Keeps Brain in Flatworm’s Head

Scientists at the University of Utah and in Japan have discovered a gene that ensures the flatworm’s brain develops within its head. When the “brains everywhere” gene is silenced, brain material develops throughout the body, including the worm’s tail. Read More

Saving Energy and Fighting Pollution U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy to Keynote Nov. 7-8 Conference

The public and news media are invited to attend an Energy Efficiency and Pollution Prevention Conference on Nov. 7 and 8. Read More

University of Utah to Host Mathematics Meeting

The University of Utah will host the Fall Western Section Meeting of the American Mathematical Society Oct. 26-27, 2002. Over 100 mathematicians from 25 states and two nations in addition to the United States will gather at the university to present results of their research. Read More