Bets Rasmussen

Sniffing Out Secrets of Elephant Sex

In a study that may improve animal breeding and reveal more about how animals detect odors, Utah and Oregon scientists learned how proteins help a female sex attractant stimulate male elephants so they mate, and how one protein may end their arousal. Read More

September, 2002 from the U

U of U to Host Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis as Part of National Coming Out Day Events

In celebration of National Coming Out Day, Oct. 11, the University of Utah’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center, the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Utah and the Utah AIDS Foundation are sponsoring weeklong events, including appearances by Olympic medallist Greg Louganis, widely considered the greatest diver in history. In 1995 Louganis revealed he has AIDS. Read More

Hunger Banquet to Drive Home Realities of Hunger and Poverty

Have you ever gone to bed wondering what you would eat the following day? Have you ever awakened the next morning knowing that there was nothing to eat? On a global level, hunger continues to plague an estimated 800 million people, including 31 million in the United States. Of the 24,000 people worldwide who die daily from lack of adequate food and nutrition, 18,000 are children age five and under. Yet 15 percent of the world’s population consumes 78 percent of the earth’s resources. Read More

Kolff Wins 2002 Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research

Willem J. Kolff, M.D., Ph.D., University of Utah School of Medicine distinguished professor emeritus of internal medicine, surgery and bioengineering, has been awarded a 2002 Albert Lasker Award for Clinical Medical Research. Kolff invented the hemodialysis machine during World War II, which prolonged the useful lives of millions of people with kidney disease. Read More

Plastic is Promising for Magnetic Computer Memory

Researchers at Ohio State University and the University of Utah have expanded the possibilities for a new kind of electronics, known as spintronics. Read More