David Eccles School of Business Welcome Sheng to IS Department

The University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business is proud to welcome Olivia R. Liu Sheng to its Information Systems department. Sheng is a respected expert in the field of Management of Information Systems, and her research interests include knowledge management, personalization and security technology for healthcare applications and business applications. Sheng has worked in developing systems for cancer informatics that have been used for data management and in clinical studies, including studies that evaluate various hypotheses like the impact of genetics or environment on the propensity to develop cancer. Read More

August, 2002 from the U

Utah Poison Control Center Introduces New Web Site

Utahns can find information about poison control a mouse click away at the Utah Poison Control Center’s (UPCC) new Web site: www.uuhsc.utah.edu/poison. Read More


U of U Alumni Association Board of Directors Announces New Officers

The University of Utah Alumni Association has named Jeffrey L. Hilton president of its board of directors and Pamela T. Greenwood vice president of the board. Both will serve three-year terms. Read More

Are Children of Married Parents Really Better Off?

What is it about family structure that deters youths’ delinquency or promotes it? Read More

Governor to Focus on Utah’s Efforts to Capitalize on the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic and Paralymic Winter Games

Utah Governor Michael Leavitt will deliver the keynote address this Thursday, Aug. 15, at the 2002 Intergovernmental Summit. Sponsored by the University of Utah’s Center for Public Policy and Administration (CPPA), the Utah Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, the half-day 2002 Intergovernmental Summit is titled “Capitalizing on the Olympic Games: Day 193 of the 1,000 Day Plan. Where are We?” Read More