Research Reveals Indicators That May Put Couples At Risk For Domestic Violence

A recent study that examined more than 4,500 couples and the severity of their aggression towards one another over time may shed light on factors that make couples more vulnerable to domestic violence. Read More

May, 2002 from the U

Math Institute to Open Office at U of Utah Institute Where Einstein Worked Sponsors Annual Event at Park City

The Institute for Advanced Study’s Park City Mathematics Institute will open a new office in September at the University of Utah’s newly remodeled LeRoy Cowles Bldg., home of the university’s mathematics department. Read More

U of U Professor Awarded Prestigious Faculty Scholarship

Last week Peter Maramaldi, assistant professor at the University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work, was named as one of ten national Hartford Geriatric Social Work Faculty Scholars. The scholars will participate in institutes to further their research and will be paired with a National Research Mentor and a school-based sponsor who will support their professional leadership and research career development. Additionally, over the next two years, each of the scholars will receive $100,000 to improve the well being of older adults by strengthening geriatric social work. Read More

U of U Honor Student Named One of Five National 2002 Swearer Humanitarian Award Recipients

Several weeks ago Ashley DiAna was named one of nine University of Utah Bennion Center Service-Learning Scholars. Last Friday the 23-year-old political science student marched in the University of Utah’s commencement exercises. Later that day DiAna, a University Honor’s Program graduate, learned she has been selected as one of five students to receive the prestigious 2002 Howard R. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award. The honor is given by Campus Compact, a national coalition of college and university presidents committed to the civic purposes of higher education. Read More

‘The Future of Spacetime’

Albert Einstein overturned commonsense notions of our universe in 1905 when he published his Special Theory of Relativity, which proposed that space and time are not absolute. The theory means that for an observer traveling near the speed of light, time moves more slowly and distances appear to contract. In his 1916 General Theory of Relativity, Einstein went further, proposing that gravity warps or curves space and time. Read More