The Best Doctors in America®Lists 130 U of U Medical School Faculty

One hundred thirty faculty members at the University of Utah School of Medicine are included in the 2001-2002 list of The Best Doctors in America®. The consumer database, compiled biannually by Best Doctors, Inc., polls tens of thousands of leading specialists throughout the country who are asked what doctors they themselves would go to for treatment in their specialty. The latest list includes 30,000 physicians in 43 specialties and more than 400 subspecialties. Read More

May, 2002 from the U

U Med School’s International Travel Clinic Offers Pre- and Post-Trip Counseling

That dream vacation can quickly become a nightmare if you become sick in a strange land. The key to keeping your health from going south while you’re exploring the North Pole (or any other exotic clime) is a pre-trip visit to the University of Utah School of Medicine’s International Travel Clinic. Read More


University of Utah Reports the Death of a Student

The University of Utah is sad to report the untimely death of one of its students who died early this morning following a swimming exercise in the HPER (Health Physical Education Recreation) Complex’s pool. The medical examiner’s office will be performing an examination today. Read More

Research Indicates Free Rooms Not An Incentive For Hotel Patrons

In a May 23 Wall Street Journal article called “Desperate to Fill Their Beds, Hotels Offer Free Rooms,” Ron Lieber reports that three of the largest hotel chains in United States are giving away free rooms in an attempt to entice business users back to their hotels after a fall-off in travel following September 11. Rohit Verma, Associate Professor of Operations Management at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah says such incentives won’t be effective. Read More

22nd Amino Acid Reflects Genetic Versatility 22nd Amino Acid Reflects Genetic Versatility 22nd Amino Acid Reflects Genetic Versatility

Scientists once believed the genetic code of living organisms carried the blueprint for making only 20 amino acids, the building blocks of proteins that carry out the functions of every living cell. But a 21st amino acid was identified in 1986. And in the May 24, 2002 issue of the journal Science, scientists report discovering a 22nd amino acid. Read More